Every culture has it’s own way of expressing Love and Togetherness during wedding celebrations. Sep and Hevi’s traditional Persian ceremony had a sweet side to it.

They sat behind a decorated spread of many symbols of the foundations of a perfect marriage, and after they were pronounced husband and wife, they took a glass full of honey and fed each other. That became the first act of their married life.

There was also another part of the ceremony where the bridesmaids held a white sheet over Sep and Hevi’s heads, and members of their family took turns to stand behind them, and rub together two blocks of sweet candy which flaked and fell on the sheet. This symbolized their families showering them with love.

For us, the day was a sweet affair too. With lots of time on our hands, and everything going according to plan, we photographed as our hearts desired. We did what needed to be done, we played around and we experimented. And the collection we ended up with is worthy of an amazing couple.

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