At the start of 2006 we shot our very first paid event. It was a small engagement, but it was the first step in our photographic journey. We’ve shot a few hundred weddings since then, and with each we’ve learned and grown, and over time defined and developed our working style.
Photography is our life, and we are constantly immersed in everything photographic. We are a husband and wife team running a compact operation. We are boutique, passionate and innovative. We provide a personal service working closely with all our couples to achieve the best images possible on their wedding day.

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San – Primary Photographer and Creative Director
San’s work is influenced by fine art, photojournalism and classic glamour.
I’m passionate about the still image, and how important a role it plays in our lives. I aim to instill in the images I create the same emotional triggers that are present in the classic photographs, so they become classics in years to come.

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Sandy – Processing, Design and Creative Assistant
Sandy’s strong suit is her patience, she is meticulous in her work.
My approach to processing and album design is built on the notion that less is more. A great image only needs subtle touches to make it amazing, and from there it needs to be presented delicately so not to take away anything from it.”


PrintOur accreditation as professional photographers by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) is a testament to our passion and commitment.
But why should this accreditation be important to you?
It backs up our claim of being professional photographers. To gain this status we had to meet some very strict criteria.
We had to prove our legitimacy as a business that met all its legal obligations, we also had to show that we have been providing our service at a professional standard for a number of years, and we had to submit a portfolio of images for assessment by members of the AIPP who work in our field.
Furthermore, we had to agree to a code of conduct and to be involved in programs run by the AIPP that are aimed at advancing the skills of its members.
For further information on the AIPP and why their accreditation is important please click here.

Our Albums & Prints


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We believe that a photograph is not complete until it is printed. Once it is on paper, it takes on a whole new life. It becomes a keepsake, a family heirloom that gets passed on from one generation to the next. Printed photographs that adorn our walls are a way of living with our memories. Keeping them vivid in our minds, and the moments captured close to our hearts.
Albums tell stories. Fairy tails of special days.

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Instances of love and joy bound together to create a memento to be treasured for a lifetime.
Our main album suppliers are Queensberry, who offer some amazing design options and the highest standard of quality. To ensure that your prints and albums stand the test of time, we only use professional printing labs that are dedicated to servicing the professional photographers who appreciate the value of a printed image.